Robert Mueller's 70th Birthday Party
Celebrated at the Don Quixote Club

Pool Party at The Don Quixote Club

2009 has been a year of milestones for the full time residents of Consejo Shores. Denise Fillmore had her 50th birthday, followed by John McMaster's 60th then Margret Mueller's 60th. On November 1st we celebrated Robert Mueller 70th birthday with a rambunctious pool party at the Don Quixote Club. The first flock of Snow Birds have arrived so the party was a little livelier then our normal, laid back affairs.

The weather, which had been a bit dreary the past few days, was simply awesome. Most of us spent the first several hours in and around the pool.

When the sun went down, the mosquitoes came out, so everyone moved inside for the cake cutting and other foolishness.

About half the revelers left after the cake, the rest went back to the pool. The mosquitoes had also departed. Someone decided we should play some games with the balloons! There may have been a little alcohol was involved.

Robert needed some dry cloths. Denise offered a shirt. It will never be the same.

More balloons, more beer, more rum, more fun!

Sometime after midnight, the last of the hangers on departed. We all had a lot of fun. It was, after all, the full moon. A little howling was to be expected!

Photos by: Jeff and Denise Fillmore and Robert Mueller