Pool Party at The Don Quixote Club

It rained all week, it rained all morning, but we weren't going to let a little wet weather slow down our Consejo Shores version of Belize's September Celebrations. Tanya, the new caretaker, and friend Kayo invited everyone to come the Don Quixote Club on Friday, Sept. 25th to enjoy the newly repaired and refurbished pool, some good food and drink. So we did.

Some of the early arrivals went immediately to the pool. It was, after all, a pool party!

There were some attempts to 'Ride The Walrus'

It looks like Denise was successful. . . but she cheated. As soon as Jeff let go, down she went!

Meanwhile, more guest arrived and availed themselves of the excellent selection of eats and drinks.

Then it was to the pool for most. Even though it was cloudy, with a little drizzle now and them, the weather was warm and the partiers didn't seem to mind, they were getting wet anyway! A few non-swimmers chose to stay indoors where it was dry.

Most of us moved between the lounge, where the food and drink were, and the pool.

Having somehow relieved me of my camera, Denise decided it was time John went swimming. She didn't quite have the weight to pull me in, but a little shove from Jeff was all the extra force needed.

Elli thought she needed a hug, but what she really needed was to go swimming. Jim joined her, but we think he forgot his suit!

Photos by: J. McMaster & Jeff and Denise Fillmore