New Years Eve at The Don Quixote Club

The past 3 years, Wayne and Lorraine Williams hosted a New Year's Eve party for the Consejo Area. This year, the newly formed Consejo Yacht Club took on the task, renting the Don Quixote Club and inviting most of Northern Belize. The entrance feewas $15 per person.

A few Consejo Shores regulars gathered at the Williams' house for pre-party drinks and conversation. We all headed over to the main event around 9PM.

By the time we arrived, there were maybe 70 people already eating and drinking. The food was the usual "Pot Luck" snacks with the exception of the delicious Pizzas purchased by the Yacht Club from Mat and Rocky Mathews. The bar was not hosted and the small, weak, almost iceless drinks were $3 each. There were no decorations, party favors nor any of the typical New Year's Eve noise makers. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, but the atmosphere was something less than festive.

The weather was unbelievably mild, with almost no wind and no bugs! It didn't take long for most of the party goers to migrate to the pool area. The forecast had been for much cooler temperatures so almost no one had come with the intention of swimming.

A few of the younger crowd did jump in, or float around.

Around 11pm, someone finally decided to turn the music on and the people who came to party were able do do some dancing.

And then, at 12:30, they kicked eveyone out! A few hardy soles drove over to Wayne and Lorriane's where they danced and drank until 6am.

Photos by Jeff & Denise Fillmore, J. McMaster and Bianca Pengelly