Margret Mueller's Surprise
60th Birthday Party

It didn't go quit how we planned it, but we managed to surprise Margret Mueller on the eve of her 60th birthday. Denise and Robert did most of the prep work. John, Joyce and Jeff helped get things set up while Margret was doing her daily bike ride around Consejo Village. The timing was pretty good as about half of the guests had arrived before Margret returned. She was completely surprised!

The Mueller's have been in Consejo Shores longer than any current residents, except for the Wildmans. Virtually the entire Consejo Shores contingent turned out to enjoy the good food, good company and abundant spirits.

Once everyone was fed, a few brave soles ventured out to play a little Bocce. The mosquitoes were out so only one game got played. Meanwhile,  several people made the trek down to the waterfront and sat in the cool breeze under the palapa, or played Fetch The Coconut with Tex the dog.

Robert turned up the music after dark and those of us still there did a little dancing.

The next day, which was Margret's actual birthday, Denise and Jeff stopped by to help with the cleanup. The weather was great so once the work was done they decided to do a little swimming. Tex, of course, as all for for that!

Photos by: J. McMaster and Robert Mueller