John's 60th Birthday Party

Well, it wasn't a surprise, and it was a week early, but most of the full time residents of Consejo Shores stopped by on August 29th to join in the early celebration of John McMaster's 60th birthday. The real date was September 6th. There was lots of food and drink, we played some water volleyball, bocce and ladder golf but mostly just sat around and visited, enjoying the nearly perfect weather in our normal laid back late August pre-snowbirds lethargy.

We had this party a week early because John's daughter Jesse, granddaughter Jade and their friends Victoria and Hailey were visiting from California.

Due to the fact that the Williams' could not be with us for this celebration, we got out the pink party sunglasses for everyone to pose in.  Can you identify who's who?

A hardy few jumped in the water for a couple of games of volleyball. The less adventurous went for the bocce' court.  It turned out to be a beautiful day with some sun, great food and friends to enjoy it with.

John was such a good sport as he opened his "elderly" gifts: which included depends, Cialis, a stick of TNT for a quick clean out among other items. He had trouble hanging onto his gifts for a lot of people wanted to take them home and try them!

Photos and commentary by Denise Fillmore