Halloween 2009 in Consejo Village
Spirits invade the Fillmore home.

It was a dark and stormy October 31st, All Hallows' Eve, Diá de los Muertos, or as the Gringos call it, Halloween. As the rain came down in buckets, a small group of neighbors gathered at Jeff and Denise Fillmore's home for a light supper and a friendly came of dice.

Everyone was relaxed and enjoying the food when suddenly, out of the darkness an eerie light appeared. The fire department? Some kind of "Trick or Treat" violation was mentioned. We were able to avoid a fine by bribing the fireman with a few hands full of candy.

A few minutes later, out of the rain and gloom, came a group of strange, spirit like creatures. Could these be the lost souls, left to wander the night, only visible to mere mortals on Halloween? Shaking and quivering, we appeased these spirits with large amounts of sugar. Everyone knows candy will tame the wildest beasts.

The ghostly creatures, now happy with their haul of sweets, vanished into the rain and mist, and we returned to our libations and dice game!

Photos by Jeff and Denise Fillmore