Bob and Martha's Annual
Consejo Easter Beach Party 2009

Bob and Martha hosted their 4th annual Always Wright Easter Beach Party on Easter Sunday April 12th. Earlier in the morning, Bob had hidden 36 plastic Easter Eggs with coins inside and and additional 36 colored hard boiled eggs for a traditional Easter Egg Hunt.

As usual, the kids headed straight for the water. There was a strong east wind blowing, so the water was unusually high, creating a wonderful swimming area. Outside the jetty, the water was quite rough, but the small bay was calm and safe for the even the youngest swimmers. Another group of partiers were swimming off the Customs Dock where the water was very choppy, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves just as much.

The adults found food and drink in the shade while the kids hunted Easter Eggs. All the plastic eggs were found, but a few of the real ones went missing. The village dogs will find them soon enough (or maybe they already had.)

Denise had brought some raw eggs so she and Jeff organized the kids for an egg toss. Two lines were formed and an egg was given to everyone in the first line, which they tossed to their teammate in the opposite line. After each toss, they were required to take a step back. The winner was the team with the last unbroken egg. The prize appears to have been getting to throw the final egg at Mr. Bob.

After cleaning up the egg mess, it was time to break out the water balloons. The water fight lasted quite a while, with almost everyone participating at some point.

Some of the revelers began leaving about 4:00. The remainder walked across to Bob and Martha's for a few friendly games of Bocce. There was also Ladder Golf (aka "testicle toss") and Croquet. Unfortunately, the camera's batteries gave out before any photos could be taken.

Photos By: J. McMaster and Denise Filmore