Denise's 50th Birthday Bash
It Was A Complete Surprise

Almost the entire communities of Consejo Shores and Mayan Seaside along with a few friends from Consejo Village gathered at John and Joyce McMaster's seaside home to surprise Denise Fillmore on her 50th birthday. Keeping the party a secret after inviting 40 or so couples in a small community was almost beyond hope. But somehow we pulled it off. Denise didn't have a clue!! She thought a small group of friends were coming over for Reuben Sandwiches, an elaborate scam run over the two previous weeks primarily by Joyce and Lorraine.

Decoration and other preparation complete, Joyce and Lorraine relaxed while waiting for the first guests to arrive. Meanwhile, Jeff was having "Car Trouble" as a delaying tactic to keep Denise from arriving before the majority of the revelers. Most folks were there when Jeff and Denise pulled up at about 1:20. By that time there were several cars parked in front, so she knew something was up.

Try buying you wife a new motor scoter with out her knowing.   

Just about everyone brought something good to eat. The weather was perfect to relax on the beach, but the food was in the house, so the crowd was constantly moving between two.

Jeff and Denise were the only ones who got up and danced!

Near the end of the party, Denise opened the few unexpected gifts. There was a beautiful dress hand crafted by Ileana. Rocky made a very nice necklace and earrings set. Alwayswright Bob turned a couple of gorgeous candle holders. Lorenzo gave two of his awesome Belize nature photos. Margaret brought a couple small plants.  There were a few other small gifts. That blue motor scooter from Jeff and the pink bike form the "Canada Contingent" didn't require unwrapping. 

After most folks had left, Denise took Ellie for a short ride on the scooter then decided to park it in the garage. There was a bit too much alcohol involved to ride it home, plus the headlights didn't work (later found to be disconnected). We actually did get the Reuben Sandwiches after we cleaned the next day.

Photos by: Jeff & Denise Fillmore, Ed Mclean, Wayne & Lorraine Williams, Robert Mueller and J. McMaster.