Consejo Belize Community Events
2009 Events

Denise's Supprise 50th Birthday Party

Almost the entire communities of Consejo Shores and Mayan Seaside along with a few friends from Consejo Village gathered at John and Joyce McMaster's seaside home to surprise Denise Fillmore on her 50th birthday.

Golf Tournament

The Fifth Annual Just For Fun Golf Tournament was held Sunday, March 7, 2010 at the Consejo Shores Golf Course. 50 residents of Consejo Shores and the surrounding communities came out to play for fun and prizes.

Easter Beach Party

Bob and Martha hosted their 4th annual Always Wright Easter Beach Party on Easter Sunday April 12th. Earlier in the morning, Bob had hidden 36 plastic Easter Eggs with coins inside and and additional 36 colored hard boiled eggs for a traditional Easter Egg Hunt.

John's 60th Birthday Party

Well, it wasn't a surprise, and it was a week early, but most of the full time residents of Consejo Shores stopped by on August 29th to join in the early celebration of John McMaster's 60th birthday. The real date was September 6th. There was lots of food and drink, we played some water volleyball, bocce and ladder golf but mostly just sat around and visited, enjoying the nearly perfect weather in our normal laid back late August pre-snowbirds lethargy.

Margaret's 50th Birthday Party

It didn't go quit how we planned it, but we managed to surprise Margret Mueller on the eve of her 60th birthday. Denise and Robert did most of the prep work. John, Joyce and Jeff helped get things set up while Margret was doing her daily bike ride around Consejo Village. The timing was pretty good as about half of the guests had arrived before Margret returned. She was completely surprised!

Pool Party at The Don Quixote Club

It rained all week, it rained all morning, but we weren't going to let a little wet weather slow down our Consejo Shores version of Belize's September Celebrations. Tanya, the new caretaker, and friend Kayo invited everyone to come the Don Quixote Club on Friday, Sept. 25th to enjoy the newly repaired and refurbished pool, some good food and drink. So we did.

Spirits Invade The Fillmore Home.

It was a dark and stormy October 31st, All Hallows' Eve, Diá de los Muertos, or as the Gringos call it, Halloween. As the rain came down in buckets, a small group of neighbors gathered at Jeff and Denise Fillmore's home for a light supper and a friendly came of dice.

Robert's 70th Birthday Party

2009 has been a year of milestones for the full time residents of Consejo Shores. Denise Fillmore had her 50th birthday, followed by John McMaster's 60th then Margret Mueller's 60th. On November 1st we celebrated Robert Mueller's 70th birthday with a rambunctious pool party at the Don Quixote Club. The first flock of Snow Birds have arrived so the party was a little livelier then our normal, laid back affairs.

Christmas Dinner


Denise and Jeff Fillmore invited about 12 couples over for a Christmas Eve Drinks, Dinner and Fun. They had their home decked out with a variety of Christmas Decorations. Denise did a great job of setting up the place settings with a holiday flair. No plastic plates, no plastic flat ware, no plastic cups. Very classy.

New Year's Eve

The past 3 years, Wayne and Lorraine Williams hosted a New Year's Eve party for the Consejo Area. This year, the newly formed Consejo Yacht Club took on the task, renting the Don Quixote Club and inviting most of Northern Belize. The entrance fee was $15 per person.