USA Presidential Election Party

Jeff and Denise Fillmore invited a bunch of their friends over to watch the results of the historic 2008 USA  Presidential election. Not all the attendees were Americans, and not all the Americans were happy with the result, but everyone had a good time.

As usual, food and drink were in abundance. Our normal party prohibition of political discussion was, of course, waived for this very political event. The group as about evenly divided between Obama, McCain and None Of The Above supporters. The conversation was lively, but never heated.

Barack Obama, as expected will be the next President of The United States of America. He will take office at noon EST on January 20, 2009 unless the current President dies or otherwise leaves office before that time. The country we left 20+ years ago would never have considered anyone other than a white male for that high office. The USA has come a long way in our absence. The owners of Consejo.Bz congratulate Mr. Obama and wish him and the USA all the best.

Our thanks to Jeff and Denise Fillmore for hosting this great party and for sharing their photos.


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