New Year's Eve 2008 Party
at The New Millennium Restaurant

This years Consejo Shores New Year's Eve party was held at the New Millennium Restaurant in Consejo Village. Everyone chipped in a little to cover the cost of renting the building. Partiers brought their own drinks, and many also brought food to share. The theme was "Castaways".

Wayne and Lorraine Williams were the driving force for the pre the party planning, issuing the invitations and collecting funds, arranging the building rental and providing most of the music. With a lot of help from Jeff and Denise Fillmore, they set the stage for a interesting and lively New Year's Eve party.

While the expats partied at the Millennium, there were a few parties going on in Consejo Village. Right next door to our party, Predensio and Erma hosted a fairly large gathering of Consejo Belizeans. On the way home, a few hardy soles stopped by to pay their respects and drink some of Predensio's beer!

Photo by: Robert Mueller, Jeff Fillmore, Wayne Williams and Ed Mclean.