General Election 2008 Results
United Democratic Party Landslide!

February 07, 2008


The Official Results have the UDP forming the new government with a total of 25 Seats. Dean Barrow is now the new Prime Minister of Belize.

Below are the official results.

United Democratic Party

District UDP Candidate Votes PUP Candidate Votes
Belize Rural Central Michael Hutchinson 1961 Ralph Fonseca 1775
Belize Rural North Edmund Castro 2382 Earl Perez 1313
Belize Rural South Manuel Heredia Jr. 2289 Merlene Spain 1468
Belmopan John Saldivar 1169 Rolando Zetina 779
Caribbean Shores Carlos Perdomo 2195 Jose Coye 1134
Cayo Central Rene Montero 2890 Mario Castellanos 1596
Cayo North Salvador Fernandez 1468 Otto Coleman 862
Cayo Northeast Elvin Penner 1403 Orlando Habet 1020
Cayo South Ramon Witz 2379 Charles Galvez 1859
Cayo West Erwin Contreras 2771 Kendall Mendez 1662
Collet Patrick Faber 1526 Carolyn Trench-Sandiford 1038
Corozal Bay Pablo Marin 2199 Juan Vildo Marin 1504
Corozal North Nemencio Acosta 2525 Valdemar Castillo 2076
Corozal South West Gabriel Martinez 2530 Gregorio Garcia 1815
Dangriga Arturo Roches 2097 Cassian Nunez 1531
Mesopotamia Michael Finnegan 1653 Austin Waight 476
Orange Walk East Marcel Cardona 2481 Marco Tulio Mendez 2021
Orange Walk North Gaspar Vega 1504 Servulo Baeza 1167
Orange Walk South Mark Pech 1948 Jose Mai 1725
Pickstock Wilfred Elrington 409 Godfrey Smith  268
Port Loyola Anthony Martinez 1924 Oscar Rosado 554
Queen's Square Dean Barrow 1646 Anthony Sylvester 457
Stann Creek West Melvin Hulse 3192 Rodwell Ferguson 2368
Toledo East Eden Martinez 1453 Mike Espat 1160
Toledo West Juan Coy 2624 Marcial Mes 1836

Peoples United Party

District PUP Candidate Votes UDP Candidate Votes
Albert Mark Espat 1485 Tom Morrison 849
Fort George Florencio Marin Jr. 2365 Servando Samos 2350
Freetown Said Musa 1286 Dr. George Gough 930
Belmopan Francis Fonseca 1369 Michael Peyrefitte 1353
Lake Independence Cordel Hyde 1519 Vanley Jenkins 1313
Orange Walk Central Johnny Briceno 2562 Rosendo Urbina 2252

Referendum On An Elected Senate:

While 38.5% of voters who went to the polls on Thursday, February 7, said they want an elected senate, as many as 37.4% abstained – meaning that they declined to take a ballot paper to participate in the referendum.

There were 29,793 “NO” responses, and 45,057 “YES” responses.

Official Elections and Boundaries information indicates that as many as 43,730 voters who went to the poll on election day did not vote in the referendum.

Some of those we interviewed cited three main reasons for not voting – either that they did not understand the issue at all, that they were going along with the United Democratic Party formula for the Senate, “NO,” or that they wanted to vote “YES,” but were unsure of exactly what they were voting for.

Voter Turnout

Total Voter Turnout was 69.72% nation wide. Since the voter registry has not been purged in 10 years, it is likely that the actual turnout of voters that are still alive and living in Belize was closer to 80%.