Christmas Carolers 2007

A night of Christmas caroling was held on Saturday evening Dec. 22. Jeff and Denise, Margaret and Wayne and Lorraine along with their guest Kim started out about 4. They borrowed a trailer from Ron Klemp, decorating it into a festive mode then drove house to house singing all the popular songs of the season and picking up more carolers along the way.

By the time all was said and done their were 18 carolers and the words of most of the songs were hard to distinguish. You see, the final song that was sung at each house, ( to the tune of your choice), was FILL OUR CUPS WITH RUM, FILL OUR CUPS WITH RUM, HO HO HO OR WE WON'T GO. (the rum flowed freely) Fun was had by all (we think) and most were very receptive. It was all in good spirit and this may become an annual event.

Thanks to Jeff, Denise and Kim for the photos and commentary.