New Years Eve 2007
Party at Wayne and Lorraine's

Wayne, Lorraine, Kim & Steve

Wayne and Lorraine along with their guests Kim and Steve invited their friends and neighbors to their New Years Eve Party. This year's theme was "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Yo…Ho…Ho…and a bottle of Rum

Ahoy me Mateys

To all ye Brethren of the Coast.

Wayne & Lorraine, and thar harty mates Steve and Kim , bless all thar black hearts, be invitin all ye scallywags and carousers to a festive New Yaars Eve. Wrap ye selves in ye best “Pirates of the Caribbean" garb and set ye sails, plot ye course to end of Consejo Beach Trail.

We shall splice the main brace and celebrate the New Yaar. The spirit of choice will be grog, which will be supplied. If ye hankers nipper other than Nelson's Folly, ye can haul ye girrrly drinks if ye must.

So in the spirit of having fun and becomin squiffy, gather ye wenches, splice the main brace and keep the grog blossoms from ye noses.

Arby Dar - - to help belay the dreaded Scurvy ye must be bringin a plentiful dish a ye favorite fixin's..

Festivities be startin near 8 bells on the mid-watch with music to set ye toes a curlin, and ye wenches a swirling. So prepare ye selves, me mateys for a night of scallywaging

Arrrrrrrrr….till the night afor the New Yaar

The proud beauties and foul blaggarts be arrivin, most with thar sheets already flappin in the wind and all hankerin to swill a pint or two more of the free grog our hosts, bless thar black souls, so amply supplied.

Wayne & Lorraine

John & Joyce

Rita & Ed

Lisa & Chris

Denise & Jeff

Rodger & Barbara



The Brethren be gathered, the grog be freely flowin, the vittles be laid and the party be swinging.

Denise won a lovely pair of pink sunglass for her "Pirate Wench" costume. Sometime after the start of 2008, most revelers having made a quiet exit, the stragglers held an impromptu fashion show.