Belize Independence Day
September 21, 2007

Some of our good friends and neighbors from Consejo and other local communities came to Consejo to celebrate the 26th Belize Independence Day on the Consejo Water Front. This was a semi-private party, the official public celebration having been the night before at Maya Beach in Corozal.

Bob Wright and Jeff Fillmore arrived early and cleaned up the remaining debris left on the beach by Hurricane Dean. The rest of the group began arriving around 2PM.

While the adults set up tables and got the food prepared, the kids (and Miss Martha) headed straight for the water.

Jeff and Denise brought a new game back with them when they retuned from their recent visit to the USA. The official name of the game is "Ladder Golf", but he kids in the States call it Testical Toss. The kids here seemed to have a lot of fun playing.

After most of the food was devoured, a few of us crossed the street to Bob and Martha's for a game or two of Bocce. It wasn't long before a small crowd gathered and the games became more competitive, complete with official line judges and a cheering div.

The sun set and the clouds rolled in bringing an end to a wonderful day of celebration. Happy Birthday Belize!