Consejo Village 2007
Easter Egg Hunt

The annual Consejo Village Easter Egg Hunt was held on Holy Saturday, or the day before Easter.

Before any good Egg Hunt, the eggs have to be colored, so an Easter egg decorating event was held on Thursday. Kids decorated the eggs with markers, crayons, and different kinds of glitter. After each egg was decorated, the artist of the egg gave the egg any name he/she desired. Many eggs were named after children in the village, some were named after parents or neighbors, but there were other names as well. Among the more unique were "Jesus Loves You", "Love", "Musa", "Korn" and "Mustard".

The kids decorated a total of 90 eggs with only one immediate fatality from a hungry toddler. Four other eggs were also turned into snacks when the shells cracked during the decorating process.

Approximately 30 children turned out for the egg hunt. The kids were escorted down to the public ramp so the adults could hide the eggs in the village park. At the ramp, more children from Corozal were swimming and were invited to come along.

Many of the beautiful baskets were hand made in Consejo village. The bunny baskets are cross-stitched using yarn and plastic canvas. The solid colored baskets are made from rolled newspaper that is coiled and fastened, then spray painted.

The object of the Easter hunt was to collect eggs, then wait for the name of each egg to be drawn for pick of the prizes: first 6 egg names drawn were to get first pick, etc. However, in the excitement of wanting to get a prize, may eggs were not discovered, so eventually, kids took turns in small groups choosing a prize bag, mostly from youngest to oldest. After the hunt, the largest amount of eggs was found by the Consejo village chairman, who then dispersed them out to the kids.

For the younger children, a separate egg hunt area was held across the park in Dave and Julie Hull's front yard. These were plastic eggs filled with prizes and candy. Some contained coupons for free ice cream.

A hot dog and marshmallow roast proceeded the egg hunt. Carmen Rivero brought over a huge bowl of her special cheese dip that was devoured in a very short time.

Our thanks to Eileen Kilgallon for the great photos and to Connie Bailey for the excellent commentary. If you have additional photos or comments for this event please contact us by email at Contact