Corozal / Consejo Cleanup Project

Corozal-Consejo Road Near the Dump - Before The Cleanup

The dump site located on the Consejo Road in the Corozal District has been a problem for the past months with the garbage pouring out onto the street, littering and polluting the area.

In an effort to address the situation, the Consejo Area Neighborhood Watch, in collaboration with the Public Health Bureau and the Corozal Town Council, formed a committee that would focus on conducting clean up campaigns in Corozal Town and surrounding communities. The initial work was done several weeks ago when the committee engaged heavy equipment to push large quantities of garbage further into the dump site.

On Saturday, February 24th, a hot, sunny morning,  almost 75 people gathered at 8:30am to clean up the roadside. The clean-up was organized through the combined efforts of the Consejo Area Neighborhood Watch Environmental Club, Caribbean Transport, the Corozal Town Council, The Dept of Education, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of the Environment and the Corozal Police Dept.

Students, with their teachers and leaders came from the Methodist School in Corozal, the Eagle Environmental Club from Corozal Jr. College and Escuela Mexico Environmental Club at San Narciso. Members of the Police Youth Corps also helped. The Consejo Area Neighborhood Watch Environmental Club donated money to the different groups for their projects.

Marco Manzania – President, Harpy Eagles Club

"Well we are trying to show the civilians here at Corozal and throughout Belize that you know we have civic pride and lots of us are losing it so we need to bring it up back and as you can see we are cleaning up the area especially here in Consejo Road because a lots of tourist travel here."

Yanira Pech – Vice President, Harpy Eagles Club

"As an environmentalist for me this is important because I can show an example to everyone especially students at school show them how to dispose of garbage properly. It is very important for me not as student but as a Belizean to keep Belize clean."

Members of the Consejo Area Neighborhood Watch Environmental Club and other concerned residents from the Consejo area were also there to help. Many donated the use of rakes, shovel, trailers and even heavy equipment. Gloves and masks were provided by the Public Health Dept.

It was hot hard work but the young people never faltered or complained. We are all very proud of the dedication and good spirits exhibited by these future leaders of Belize.

At 10:00 o’clock, a well-deserved break was called. Cold water and orange divs were distributed to the thirsty workers. Sandwiches, cold drinks and sweets, donated by the good people of Corozal and Consejo were waiting for all the workers.

By noon, a dirty, messy roadside had been transformed into a clean, tidy environment that we can all be proud of. Everyone who put time and effort into this project deserves a hearty thank you for a job well done!

Corozal-Consejo Road Cleaned Up

Lyle Williams – Public Health Inspector, Corozal

"What the Corozal Cleanup Committee is trying to instill is that people need to have some sort of civic pride in disposing of their solid waste. We don’t want people to just walk about and arbitrarily throw garbage about the place we want them to understand that you need to start to have that civic pride and civic mind in maintaining your environment clean and this is that step, this is where we are. This is our first move in trying to get this thing underway."

"We are at the moment getting together where we can setup a public awareness campaign so that the people will be able to understand why it is important because a lot of people will say u tell us cleanup this area, bag our garbage, but then they don’t understand why it is necessary for them to do so. So we will be getting that public awareness campaign going where we can get does messages out to why it is important that they do so. One of the other plans that we have is that we will be looking at the schools within the Corozal District where we will be developing a logo for our Corozal Cleanup Committee and a slogan that goes along with that and the schools will be actively involved in doing that. We will be having a competition as it goes along with that for the schools to be actively involved in."