Oil Paintings by Joyce McMaster

Of Consejo, Belize

Joyce McMaster became an internationally know artist while living in The Bahamas. Her career spans 45 years and includes paintings in Oils and Water Colors, as well as Hand Crafted Jewelry and her award winning Hand Carved Shell Cameos. She has published articles on shell carving, been interviewed on radio and television and her work was recognized by the Parliament in The Bahamas.

After four years of retirement in Belize, she has decided to return to the easel and create some more of her unique oil paintings, inspired by the beauty and culture of Belize.

If you are visiting Belize and find yourself near Consejo Village in Northern Belize, stop by Joyce's studio. It is in our home on Consejo Beach Trail in Consejo Shores.

New! Splash Art by Joyce:

8"x10" paintings are $29.95 ea. 9"x12"s are $39.95

Joyce's Newest Fine Art Creations:

River Scene 18"x24"

Dolphins on Reef 24"x36"

Landscape 12"x16"

Coral Bloom 16"x20"

Jabiru 16"x20"

Howler Monkeys 16"x20"

Pelican 16"x24"

Coconuts 24"x36""

Seagrape 18"x24"

Coral Reef 24"x36"

Boys In Boat 18"x24"

All the work shown above is currently available. If you are interested, please contact Joyce by email at info@conseo.bz

Sold Paintings

Iguana 24"x36"

Tequila Sunrise 24"x36"

Blue Iquana 18"x24"

Deer 18"x24"

Dolphins 16"x20"

Rock Lobster 16"x20"

Jaguar 18"x24"

Dolphins 18"x24"

Palm Beach 24"x36"

2 Mangos 16"x20"

Girl 18"x24"

Girl By Boats 18"x24"

Jaguar Reflections 18"x24"

Drummers 16"x24

Boat On Beach 16"x24"

Dog In Doorway 16"x20"

Monkey 16"x20"

Jaguar 18"x24"

Medicine Man

Jungle Toucan

Mayan Boy

South Wall 18"x24"

San Pedro 1973 18"x24"

Keel Billed Toucan

Jaguar 18"x24"

Toucan 18"x24"

Two Birds


Jaguar Drinking 18"x24"

Hawksbill Sea Turtle

Snowy Egret 18"x24"

Pelicans 18"x24"

Egret 16"x24"

Mango Tree 24"x36"

Girl With Basket 18"x24"

Pitahaya 18"x24"

Mango Tree 24"x36"

Mango Tree 24"x36"

Dugout 18"x24"

A Sample of Joyce's Paintings From the 70's

Before our tropical adventures began, Joyce was considered an accomplished artist in California. Below are a few photos of some of her earlier work. A couple of the photos, unfortunately, are less than ideal quality.

Old Barn


Oregon Coast Sunset

Mt. Lassen, Calif.

While in the Bahamas, Joyce was primarily know for her unique hand carved shell cameos. Her collector grade cameos weren't the standard Victorian Woman's profile seen in most of the Italian products, rather they depicted ships, dolphins, birds and other wildlife as well as angels, fairies, mythical beings, and classical scenes.

Cameos By Joyce

All Joyce's cameos have been sold. She is no longer working in this medium.

Except for the whole shell carvings, the photos below are close to actual size, thus no click to enlarge.

Angel With Bird

Roman Water Bearer

Fruit Vendors


Tall Ship


Chickcharnie - Full Shell Carving

Pirates Cast Dice For Prisoners


All prices are in USA Dollars.

Unframed Fine Art Paintings are $300 - $800.
Unframed Splash Art Paintings are $40 - $65.


Due to limitations in this end of the world (the UPS office is a 180 mile round trip) we ship through the Belize Post Office. We will ship to any location, however we will have to determine the cost on a piece by piece basis.

Contact: Joyce McMaster

Phone: 011(501) 423-1075

or Email: info@consejo.bz