Building In Belize

We built two houses in Consejo Shores. It was a fun and educational experience. Check out the daily building logs for each project and see how a house is built in Belize. It is fascinating. These houses were built before the new Belize Building Code (2003) was being enforced, so they were build without architects, engineers and government interference or inspections. Given the new rules, we won't be building here again.

Construction Projects in Consejo Shores

New Permit Regulations and Other Information

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the haphazard implementation of the Belize Building Code. Here are some article written by local "experts" about the new requirements. A couple of the articles are simply one man's opinion of how houses should be build in Belize. Zipped PDF's of the actual Building Code Act and the application for review are also made available for you reading enjoyment.