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Consejo Shores

Consejo Village is the northern most settlement in Belize. Nestled on the shore of Chetumal Bay, Consejo is 7 miles north of Corozal Town and 2 miles south across the bay from Chetumal, Mexico (pop. 290,000). There are no Malls, movie theaters, fast food places, large hotels or the other trappings of developed resorts in Consejo. Most of those things are, however, available close by in Chetumal, just a 9 mile drive or a quick boat ride away.

Consejo is a very quiet, peaceful and beautiful place. Belizeans, retirees and tourists enjoy its serenity. There are several small expatriate communities near Consejo Village, including Consejo Shores, Wagner's Landing (home of Smuggler's Den) and Mayan Seaside.

Consejo Shores is a mostly expatriate community and home to about 200 North American and Europeans and a few Belizeans who enjoy it's sunny weather and relaxing atmosphere. Developer Bill Wildman said recently that more homes have been built at Consejo Shores in the past 2 years then the previous 2 decades. Wagner's Landing and Mayan Seaside have also seen a recent building boom.

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Where is Consejo?

Where on earth is Consejo, Corozal District, Belize? We show you exactly where we are. We'll show you where Consejo Shores, Mayan Seaside and Smuggler's Den are as well.

Getting To Belize

Whether traveling by plane, boat, car or bus, to enjoy Belize, first you have to get here. We give you all the information you will need for an enjoyable trip.

Consejo Real Estate

There are currently several houses for sale in Consejo, ranging from million dollar waterfront estates to 1 bedroom cottages. Also, many property owners are offering there houses or rooms for rent or lease.

Building In Belize

We built 2 of the new houses in Consejo Shores. The Project pages detail the entire construction process, day to day. Lots of photos. Also, a few local experts gives some advise and discus the new Building Permit process.

What's Happening In Consejo

See the coming and recent happenings from around the Consejo Area.

Consejo Shores Photo Map

You can now see what lots are developed and the type of homes that have been and are being built in Consejo Shores.

Why Belize?

Combining the pristine Central American jungles with the crystal clear Caribbean Sea, Belize is like nowhere else on earth and there is no place to which it can be compared. Belize is not on the way from anywhere to anywhere else. It has no strategic value. Belize is a fabulous place to just relax, where no one is in a hurry to do anything....ever.

Belize is distinguished from its neighbors in being the only country in the region with English as it's official language. Belize also has, by far, Central America's lowest population density. It’s quirky, diverse and fun…with stunning beaches, the second-longest barrier reef in the world, jungles that teem with wildlife, and mysterious Mayan ruins.

General Belize Information

Find out about passport and visa requirements, Border Crossing, money exchange and more to help you enjoy your visit to Belize.

Belize Weather

Current Conditions In Consejo, Belize
Tropical Weather
Belize Weather History

The Wildlife of Belize

Belize is home to a large array of wildlife, including the elusive jaguars.

Traveling Around Belize

Join us as we visit sites in this beautifully diverse country.

Land of The Maya

The Maya dominated what is now Central America for more than 1,500 years. Then, the Maya civilization disappeared! We have visited several Maya Sights in Belize, Mexico and Guatemala.


We have traveled a lot through Mexico's Yucatan and near by states. Here are a few of the places we have visited along with some Mexican Information and History.

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